Yellow Cab

One of the largest pizza restaurant chains in the Philippines owned and operated by the Max’s Group.


To celebrate Yellow Cab’s 15th anniversary, the brand gave itself a refresh. The brand’s new energy boasts of a more dynamic, youthful, and eclectic vibe. The team was tasked to match Yellow Cab’s website to the brand’s new mood and feel–all while driving traffic and promoting an engaging ordering experience.


A fresh website powered by a scalable and robust design system. The new Yellow Cab website features larger and more appetizing product shots, enhanced accessibility, and easy-to-follow ordering steps. This online refresh not only gives the site a more dynamic look but it also gives its audience a user-focused browsing experience.

Services Provided

  • Design Audit
  • Visual Design
  • Frontend Development
Identifying jobs to be done

Defining the Scope and Limitations of their Current Framework

Since Yellow Cab is a fast-moving brand with fast-moving products, its website had to be built with scalability and speed in mind. One of the main things the design solution had to offer: modify the current user experience of the entire site since it is linked to the other platforms of Max’s Group Inc. To remedy this problem, we assessed the scope and limitations of their current framework. We recommended a feasible design solution that sets the standard for online ordering experience for all of MGI’s brands.

old stuff

Identifying the ‘Jobs’s-to-be-done’ by the User

To come up with an efficient and engaging design solution, we had to first determine the website’s primary purpose–to connect users to their favorite Yellow Cab products. To do this, we first improved the general typography of the website for better readability all while matching the brand’s new energy. We then refined the site’s call-to-action buttons, cart addition, and checkout process, enhancing the website’s 3 primary functions, Delivery, Pick-up, and E-party.

Identifying jobs to be done

Pushing the Brand’s Iconic Products and Engaging Promo Selection

To make the ordering experience more visceral and tangible, we took cues from the brand’s actual menu. To entice users to avail of the brand’s best offers, we pushed Yellow Cab’s most iconic pizza, the New York’s Finest® and its latest promos on the first load. The refreshed website also standardized the buttons and highlighted the prices for convenient discoverability. Additionally, the use of iconography entices users to explore different product categories such as New, Spicy, Bestseller, and Limited Offerings. Finally, we incorporated the brand’s equity in all our refinements to further push brand recall and engagement.


Visually Concise Ordering Forms

Yellow Cab’s new UI pattern promotes higher learnability and less chances of user error. This system has solved the old website’s issue of a complicated buying process. We used several visual representations and images for quicker product identification. The team also adapted a progressive disclosure interaction pattern or a step-by-step process to help users navigate their options.


Dynamic Check-Out Experience

Customizability, tracking, and input preservation are just some of the salient features of Yellow Cab’s new website. These features allow users to have a more personalized online experience. Users now have control over how they want their orders delivered, from the recipient to the time and the date. Tracking orders is also made easier, they can track it through an order reference number they can input on the website. Finally, users can also opt to save their address on the website, making it more convenient for them the next time they order.


A Complete and Rewarding Experience: You Do You Rewards

In addition to reskinning Yellow Cab’s website, Make was also tasked to bring to life the brand’s very first rewards program, the You Do You Rewards. The team had to clearly visualize how the promo and incentive of getting a free pizza with every 3 receipts work. To really promote the rewards system, the comprehensive service also included a series of engaging and user-focused emailers.


Responsive Design on Mobile

We established a robust style guide that serves as a benchmark in implementation. This will promote consistency across all Yellow Cab’s platforms. Since we applied a mobile-first approach, the modular design is suitable for even the smallest devices. The design also allows for an intuitive experience and access to all necessary information available on bigger screens.

Mobile 2

Concepcion Industrial Corporation

Concepcion Industrial Corporation is the Philippines’ leading provider of air conditioning solutions and refrigerators, it’s the mother brand of the country’s most trusted names in consumer appliances, and building and industrial solutions.

Beloved for the dependability and durability of their products, CIC operates 6 distinct brands: Concepcion-Carrier Airconditioning Company (CCAC), Concepcion Durables Inc. (CDI), Concepcion Midea Inc. Philippines (CMIP), Concepcion Otis Philippines Inc. (COPI), Concepcion Business Services Inc. (CBSI), and Cortex Technologies Corporation (CTC).


To design and develop a robust, dynamic corporate website that showcases the mother brand’s identity while also celebrating the individuality of each of the six subsidiary brands. The site must also be compliant to all SEC requirements.


The CIC corporate website reflects the mother brand’s core values, celebrates its rich history, and showcases future innovations. It also serves as an information hub for investors, stakeholders, and consumers to easily access official reports and other relevant updates.

Services Provided

  • UX Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Software Development