Concepcion Industrial Corporation

Concepcion Industrial Corporation is the Philippines’ leading provider of air conditioning solutions and refrigerators, it’s the mother brand of the country’s most trusted names in consumer appliances, and building and industrial solutions.

Beloved for the dependability and durability of their products, CIC operates 6 distinct brands: Concepcion-Carrier Airconditioning Company (CCAC), Concepcion Durables Inc. (CDI), Concepcion Midea Inc. Philippines (CMIP), Concepcion Otis Philippines Inc. (COPI), Concepcion Business Services Inc. (CBSI), and Cortex Technologies Corporation (CTC).


To design and develop a robust, dynamic corporate website that showcases the mother brand’s identity while also celebrating the individuality of each of the six subsidiary brands. The site must also be compliant to all SEC requirements.


The CIC corporate website reflects the mother brand’s core values, celebrates its rich history, and showcases future innovations. It also serves as an information hub for investors, stakeholders, and consumers to easily access official reports and other relevant updates.

Services Provided

  • UX Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Software Development
A contemporary information hub that reflects the brand’s core values, chronicles its history, and aggregates official reports for easy viewing of investors, stakeholders, and consumers.

Designed to create brand affinity with our main audiences

Based on stakeholder interviews and meticulous secondary research, our team determined that there are 5 types of users, each with a different set of goals when visiting the CIC site. Investors, employees, partners, the press, and the SEC. We made it easy for each of these groups to find information on the company’s history, its core values, its plans toward long-term sustainability, and any relevant facts and figures they might be interested in.

Generated Brand Affinity

Looking back while pushing forward

We made an easy-to-navigate visual timeline depicting all the local and international partnerships of CIC through the years. The timeline shows the strength and continuous growth of CIC through engaging media, like brand videos. It also shows CIC’s commitment to bring the latest technology into each Filipino household.


SEC compliant and user-friendly

Since CIC is a publicly listed company, the information architecture and content on the site meets all SEC requirements. We aggregated all documents according to the type of report and dates released for easy discoverability. Users can also conveniently download forms from the site

SEC Compliant-1

Digestible data that engages investors 

We designed clear, easy-to-understand visuals to help investors save time when looking up any important line graphs and bar graphs on the site. We also created a local ecosystem of news updates so they can check on their investments instantly.

SEC Compliant

Scalable Architecture

The site was implemented to withstand high-traffic using AWS’ auto-scaling technology. Asset and image file delivery is also accelerated by taking advantage of Amazon Cloudfront as CDN for content, managing file sizes and keeping the site nice and light for on-the-go mobile browsing


Circuit Makati Performing Arts Theater

Circuit Makati Performing Arts Theater (CPAT) is the home of Filipino international and global talent, a venue that celebrates artistry at its finest and promotes accessibility of the performing arts.


To redesign a website that showcases CPAT as an inclusive, world-class, and Filipino-contemporary theater


A modern website that allows producers to easily book the venue and shows up-to-date event details for theater patrons

Services Provided

  • UX Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development