Carrier Smart+Cool

Smart+Cool is a smart plug developed by Carrier Air Conditioning’s technology subsidiary, Cortex. It controls appliances, monitors energy consumption, and creates schedules for tech-savvy households.


To introduce Smart+Cool as a smart plug that will be bundled and sold with Carrier’s new air conditioning units, controlled through a mobile application


A mobile app that easily controls appliances connected to Smart+Cool and a marketing website to increase product awareness and serve as an information hub

Services Provided

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Marketing Automation
  • App & Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Customer Experience Design
Smart+Cool - Wide
We designed and developed the Smart+Cool site in time for the product launch and the Mautic platform deployment.

Journey Mapping

We created an Ideal Consumer Journey, which starts with the purchase of an air conditioning unit and Smart+Cool bundle, all the way to consumption reports and maintenance reminders.

Marketing Automation

We deployed, set-up, and managed an open source Marketing Automation platform – Mautic. This allowed us to transform the ideal customer journey into functional decision trees. We also set up lead scoring for various user segments, and connected the proper marketing content.

Smart+Cool - Image 1
The website displays a clean visual experience to introduce Smart+Cool as a new tech product.

Visual & UX Design

As an initiative, we proposed initial mockups and animated prototypes, very early in the development process. These early screens, wireframes, and mockups would then serve as the guide for the client’s development team, so that they can develop the ideal features that will be integrated with their hardware device.

We created interfaces for for various products including:
  • Registration
  • Initialisation
  • Guided App Tours
  • Dashboards
  • Device Settings
  • User Settings
  • Daily Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Support Chat
  • Notifications
Smart+Cool - Image 2
Smart+Cool is perfect for tech-savvy households that use mobile apps to control their appliances.

Product & Website Launch

We designed and developed the Smart+Cool site in time for the product launch and the Mautic platform deployment. Working alongside Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, we debuted the live app and showed product demos.

Yellow Cab

One of the largest pizza restaurant chains in the Philippines owned and operated by the Max’s Group.


To celebrate Yellow Cab’s 15th anniversary, the brand gave itself a refresh. The brand’s new energy boasts of a more dynamic, youthful, and eclectic vibe. The team was tasked to match Yellow Cab’s website to the brand’s new mood and feel–all while driving traffic and promoting an engaging ordering experience.


A fresh website powered by a scalable and robust design system. The new Yellow Cab website features larger and more appetizing product shots, enhanced accessibility, and easy-to-follow ordering steps. This online refresh not only gives the site a more dynamic look but it also gives its audience a user-focused browsing experience.

Services Provided

  • Design Audit
  • Visual Design
  • Frontend Development