Avoid risky assumptions, maximize accessibility, and learn about users' behavior and preferences early on with User Testing methods

Like any other product or device, tests must be conducted to determine whether your output is usable, viable, accessible, and desirable. So, in the 3rd Make Technology Webinar #MadeForYou, we’ll walk you through the importance and benefits of User Testing, and the different types you can utilize depending on your product or brand’s needs.

Topics Covered

The User Testing webinar will be hosted by Tata Yap, a digital creative director, and university lecturer with a strong background and experience in designing for the health, publishing, non-profit, fashion technology, and finance sectors.

User Testing is performed to ensure that a product is fit to the needs of the target audience. These testing methods vary from broad to specific –– whether you’re validating an early-stage concept or dialing down on the usefulness of specific product features.

Topics that will be covered in the User Testing webinar:

  • The importance of User Testing.
  • Explorative User Tests. Guerilla Testing and Concept Validation
  • Sensorial User Tests. Heatmaps and Eye-tracking
  • Prescriptive User Tests
    • Including Remote Usability Testing. Conduct less expensive and less time-consuming tests by remotely monitoring users.
    • A/B Testing, and more
  • User Test case studies at Make

The Speakers

We invited the best practitioners to this event. Get to know more about them and what they have achieved in their respective fields.

Tata Yap
Make Technology

Tata is Make's Director of Design with 10+ years of solid experience in designing for the health, publishing, non-profit, fashion, and finance sectors. She is IXDA's 2021 awardee and a visiting design lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where she obtained her master’s degree. Tata is also a lecturer at Ateneo de Manila University.